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The New Health Club is a space and community to explore, discuss and exchange the emergent potentiality of psychedelics in the 21st century. We connect with leading brands, thought leaders, researchers and users of this often misinterpreted, controversial and untapped emerging field of psychedelic wellness. We believe in its benefits of health, lifestyle, and wellness optimization, and working through focus and creativity challenges of an interconnected, hyper-productive and always-on world.

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The conversation around the new age of mental wellness starts here. We believe psychedelics will have a big part to play in the world of health and productivity optimization backed up by the latest scientific research and supported by a fast-growing industry. When it comes to optimizing our mental health, creativity and wellbeing, the role of psychedelics has again found its place, with more refined tuning in and less dropping out.

So what are LSD, magic mushrooms, psilocybin, MDMA and ketamine exactly doing for our mental health and wellbeing? On The New Health Club Show, we’ll talk to real innovators, thought leaders and disrupters from the emerging new world of psychedelics and mental wellness. Our guests are from the established world of business, science, and tech all united to bring a purposeful conversation about psychedelics to our listeners.

The New Health Club is your premium lifestyle platform for the age of mental wellness. In our content (which includes podcasts, newsletters, a YouTube series and events) you’ll meet innovators, thought leaders and disrupters from the emerging world of mental wellness, mental health and psychedelics talk about their experiences and share their insights.

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