🍄 #55 -  We bring Psychedelics & Religion & Ketamine to Club House! 

Hi there……and welcome to the first round of our Club House Festival Talks! 

First of all, good news! “The New Health Club” is now a Club on Clubhouse and we are happy if you join us! 

We welcome everyone who is genuinely interested in psychedelics and loves to know about new narratives around these new tools & mental health drugs.  

We welcome everyone, who is seeking actual help and wants to know about these substances.

We welcome everyone who is interested in a spiritual practice if it comes to psychedelics.

We love to hear people’s personal stories. 

We are inclusive, work on a diverse structure and stay open to big changes in the new and exciting psychedelic landscape.

Now on to our Clubhouse Events! 


Time: 3.15 pm/ EST & 9.15 pm CET

Talk “Is your religion psychedelic? You bet!” 

Recently, psychedelics are not only researched as new mental health drugs, but we are also looking into the historical role of psychedelics in the Western world, going back to ancient Greece, Rome, Catholicism, Judaism and Islam. 

Let’s talk Judaism, Catholics and Islam on Psychedelics!

We are thrilled to have real pros (and friends) on our talk, if it comes to this one.

Adriana Kertzer / Plant Medicine Law Group

and Founder of Faith & Psychedelics

Jade Netanya Ullmann 

Connector at Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (https://maps.org/)

Brian Muraresku 

Lawyer & Author of “The Immortality Key” 

Joe Welker

MDiv candidate at Harvard Divinity School

Zac Kamenetz  

Psychedelic Judaism

Join us here!

And let’s chat about Ketamine, yes, in german! 


Time: 7pm CET

Talk: Was ist Ketamine Therapie? 

Als The New Health Club hosten wir auch Panels in deutsch. Ketamine Therapie ist ein spannendes Feld, über das wir mehr erfahren sollten. Über Ketamine Therapie, Ketamine Hypnose Paket, und Psilocybin als neue Therapieansätze und warum brauchen wir eine ganz neue Idee von Therapie brauchen, darüber spreche ich mit Sophie-Charlotte Adler (Psychologist & Hypnotherapist at Instituto Dr. Scheib./https://www.psychosomatik.com/

Join us here!

Next week we do a second round  of talks, stay tuned!