🍄 #56 - You are a CLUB MEMBER now. (If you want!)

Hi guys. 

First of all, big news. We are turning into a real company and we are in the process of fundraising!

If I say we, it’s Christoph Haberbauer and me. We keep you posted, what happens in our exciting journey...

But now back to the Club House Clubbing!

This is the second week of our Club House Festival and it’s going well. We are thrilled to host an official Club now on Clubhouse and we want you here...

Every Thursday at 8pm CET we are hosting a talk with psychedelic influencers, thought leaders and sometimes disrupters of this incredible psychedelic ecosystem we are all just building.  Please join us, this will be fun! Because we looovee talking psychedelics with you! 

How to find us? 

Head over to my Club House account and/or search for The New Health Club in “Clubs” 

But now ….

Let's talk "EURO DELICS” and the psychedelic renaissance happening in Europe.


Recently, Sifted launched an article talking about the european landscape and psychedelic business in Europe, which we love and that piece gave us food for thought. 


So wow does the whole industry look like in Europe? In terms of regulation, needs and interests? Will the Brexit lead to a faster “psychedelic” development in the UK? Will we need to address patients in their mother tongue, if they take a psychedelic journey and integration afterwards? 

To highlight the european psychedelic landscape we invited incredible and powerful guests! 

Please meet

  • Sara Velimirovic, creator of the first french podcast “Science Psychédéliques”

Head over and join us TONIGHT! 

👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 https://lnkd.in/dsRqAGm

Talk next week!