🍄 #57 - Gisela Getty - The first wave of psychedelics, what we should know (and accept) about it.

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For those of you who are in the tech business know what it means to fundraise and how it will consume you. Well, we will soon have some news to announce, and we are really excited to tell you PSSST ...But now back to our news for the week in psychedelics. 

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Clubhouse & The New Health Club

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Tonight at 8pm CET we talk to Gisela Getty: a seeker, trailblazer, author, and a witness to a time when people `dropped out`. Gisela married Paul Getty in the Seventies, the “glitterati” couple lived in Los Angeles and was part, you could say of the first wave in psychedelics when there was LSD assisted therapy. But also when people used psychedelics to engage with a new way of spirituality and enlightenment. (This first wave inspired a lot of social movements in the sixties and seventies by the way.) Gisela was also friends with Timothy Leary and was connected to a crowd of artists, Hollywood actors, and musicians, like Bob Dylan, who used psychedelic substances back then in a different way. So how was this way a different one? How did it feel, when plant medicine and LSD were not considered as schedule one drugs? What was the upside and downside? 

But back to Gisela. She is an incredible guest to talk about the time, when psychedelics became part of a culture, shortly before they became criminalized. 

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