🍄 #61 - A little Housekeeping! Since we are growing, we take you with us on this journey.

In the next weeks to come, we are changing our structure and would like to walk you through the changes, since you are our trusted community.

The podcast!

The podcasts will run now every two weeks, starting next Thursday, April 29th and we are kicking off the new times with Ben Sessa from Awakn Life Sciences.

Ben and I talk about the Ketamine Clinic he and his team opened in the UK, treating alcohol addiction and the idea of a psychedelic psychiatry. 

“Sessa is scathing about the psychiatric profession as it currently operates: “We need innovation in this industry, desperately and now.” The problem, he argues, is that outcomes within psychiatric treatment fall far short of the gold standard set for the rest of the medical profession. “If you broke your leg and went to an orthopedic specialist, you’d expect it to be fixed,” he says. “You wouldn’t expect to be prescribed painkillers for the rest of your life.” writes “The Guardian” about Sessa.

The YouTube Show!  

We come back with the show on Thursday, May 13th. We want you to see all these incredible people we talk to! 

From May 13th the show and the podcast will come back to you on the same day again. And I really miss doing that show! 

I am pretty sure we come back with one of my dream guests called Hamilton Morris,   expert & psychedelics show master. Take a look at him, chatting with Joe Rogan

The Newsletter! 

The newsletter will say “hi” to your inbox every two weeks, starting April 28th with the podcast and the show. We keep you updated on the guests on the show, what we are up to, what is happening in the field, and of course, we come back in our new “outfit!” 


We will host a big panel once or twice a month and keep you posted on our socials.


And anything you fancy? Anything you wish for? Anything you want from us? Send us a note to  anne@thenewhealthclub

We talk next week!