🍄 #64 - Andrea Jungaberle - On Mental Wellness, Mental Hellness & Mental Health.


Hello friends and supporters, hello community. The episode today will be in german, because my guest today has a good, informative way to talk about the new psychedelics, in german. Since we want to offer and communicate as much information as possible about the new psychedelics for everyone, once in a while we do a show in german. 

Dr. med. Andrea Jungaberle, based in Berlin, is a perfect guest for this. She is a co-founder and board member of the MIND Foundation. She also serves as OVID Health Systems’ Medical Director and MIND’s Director of Collaboration and Media. She is a clinical specialist in anesthesia and emergency medicine and is currently training in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy.

Andrea’s research interests revolve around the therapeutic application of altered states of consciousness, integration, and the essential questions of death and dying. She has facilitated workshops on psychedelic integration with Dr. Henrik Jungaberle since 2015 and is a key contributor to the MIND Foundation’s BEYOND EXPERIENCE program. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, has participated in several accredited trainings in psychedelic therapy, and is part of the EPIsoDe study team, preparing to treat patients at Charité hospital in Germany’s first modern clinical trial involving psilocybin.

Her interests in altered states of consciousness range from psychedelics to breathwork to yoga. In her latest audiobook “Yoga, Tee, LSD,” Andrea shines a light on the many ways humans modulate their consciousness, both intentionally and unintentionally. Her audiobook is great! Check it out here.

Andrea and I talk 

- whether there will be a “substance driving license” at some point in the future

- the psilocybin study at Charité Berlin

- how Andrea became interested in psychedelic substances more than 10 years ago during her medical studies in Heidelberg, 

-  we talk about mental wellness, which can turn into "mental hellness", as Andreas says, once you might not be properly informed about psychedelic tools

- how people's first experiences with psychedelics can often feel like a “psychedelic honeymoon”, but then, as honeymoons do, they can pass again. And then the psychedelic therapy and journey often really begins.

The (fast) week in psychedelics is here. 

Great story from a man taking part in the psilocybin clinical trials at Imperial College and how it changed his life, and depression. 

Actress Kristen Bell opens up about her depression and how she used psilocybin to treat it in a different way. 

….and here a very interesting point of view and opinion piece from Jeffrey Lieberman, a chair of psychiatry at Columbia University, and Dr. Kevin Sabet a fellow at Yale University. They say, let’s go slow on psychedelics and take a deep breath. Let’s hear an opinion from “buzz killers” as they say. 

Also, the movie about Lamar Odom on his ibogaine journey is on YouTube now for free. 

We also really recommend the new show on Apple TV “The me you can’t see” and it is very interesting and touching, how Ophra, Harry and their guests are “unpacking” mental health and the effect trauma can have on us, lifelong. 

Talk soon!