🍄 The New Health Club #25 - Gisela Getty: With psychedelics, everyone has the possibility to transform.


Hi guys, this podcast episode is special to me, because I have Gisela Getty on the show today. You could say, she always has been a big inspiration to me. And where were the inspirations, when you needed them? Gisela’s knowledge about psychedelic integration in life is really special, and an expansive knowledge that is much needed today, as we’re entering the next psychedelic renaissance.

But she is so much more...

German-born Gisela is also a photographer, film director, and author. She was part of the sixties and seventies bohemian milieu, mixing with the likes of Dennis Hopper, Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Nicholson, Leonard Cohen, and of course Timothy Leary, the controversial psychologist who researched LSD.

But beyond all these job descriptions, Gisela is also a “lifelong seeker”. Gisela and her twin sister Jutta Winkelmann were highly involved in Germany’s “68 Movement”, but they always sought more, more than just belonging to a political movement. They wanted a meaningful life, rich with experience and trying everything that was available. So they ended up leaving Germany in the late sixties. Gisela then married John Paul Getty, they lived in California and they surrounded themselves with likeminded people who were also into new ideas and thinking about the world and humankind, which of course at that time, was heavily influenced by psychedelics.  

This meant that Gisela was around, when psychedelics became popularized in Western culture for the very first time, and also when the use of psychedelics was very much aligned with changing a whole society and the world.

There is so much we could talk about! But in this episode of the podcast, we explore

Gisela’s own psychedelic journey and what does a conscious use of psychedelics mean in today’s life. We also discuss the impact of Timothy Leary and his persona which sat somewhere between a trickster and a communicator of new psychedelic values, and now, since we are entering a new phase, how psychedelics can become a serious support system for our future.