🍄 The New Health Club #30 - Season Premiere! Our YouTube show is here. And as you know, there is no business like show business.

Whoomp, there it is! Our first episode of our YouTube Show and channel has premiered. We will be starting with two episodes a month and cannot wait to introduce you to a whole range of guests from the exciting world of new psychedelics.

Our first guest is Christian Angermayer, ATAI Lifesciences Founder and psychedelic evangelist.

Throughout the season you’ll be meeting all the big players in the new psychedelic field, including disruptors, heroes, the people working behind the scenes of a new mental wellness industry, cool psychiatrists, amazing integral therapists, indigenous people behind the thousand year old plant medicine we are “using” to make our western world a better place… and so many more! 

And yep, we will be going deep. We talk about racial trauma, epigenetic trauma and this is being supported with psychedelics. We also talk with patients, people talking about their psychedelic journeys, people who have completely changed their lives, all thanks to their unique experiences.

On a personal note, it becomes more and more important to see faces in these interviews, to engage in moments of connection, especially as we address some very emotional subject matters as well as touching on new topics.

We produced the show with Cinegramm in Berlin, since they are the pros when it comes to remote recordings and shoots. In these times when we’ve been working remotely, it felt so good to collaborate, create new visions together and to support each other.  

Watch it on YouTube

Another good show...

By the way, there is a new show on Netflix, called (UN)WELL which shows again, how our world is in desperate need of new treatments, but also how this can also go terribly wrong.

To our dear readers, listeners and now, viewers (!!) The New Health Club Show is finally here to support you and to guide you through this new world of mental wellness.

Talk soon!