🍄 The New Health Club #46 - Our year in psychedelics — and what a year it was! Also happy first birthday to us!

This year the new psychedelics world has developed into a fully grown industry. I would also say it has also helped to reframe a new outlook on the world in general including how we will see things in the future (and not only when it comes to mental health).

When I look back on all our podcast and show guests from 2020, I feel really proud. Talk about the who’s who of psychedelics! One year ago, I never imagined we would grow the podcast and the show to how it has evolved today, as a space where one can talk about psychedelics as new tools for these times. 

In 2021 we are working on a new structure to support you, your access and possible engagement in the new world of psychedelics and mental health support. We also cannot wait to produce more content, and see where The New Health Club grows, how it evolves and how we can best support you!

So please sit back, relax over the Christmas holidays, and enjoy some downtime. Below we’ve wrapped up all of our 2020 content into meaningful sections so you, our New Health Club readers, listeners and viewers, can tune in to all of these amazing players, communicators, scientists and disruptors of this wonderful new industry. Thanks so much for coming on this journey with us!

We’re also going on a little Christmas break after December 17th, with one big surprise podcast still to come, finishing off this truly unforgettable year and transformative year.

We’ll be back in your inboxes January 7th, bringing you the best in new psychedelic news and media.

So here is our 2020 in Psychedelics…

…if you are into the insanely fascinating new world of psychedelic scientists, listen to:

Deborah Mash (Neuropharmacology Professor, Ibogaine researcher)

Robin Carhart-Harris (Head of Psychedelic Research at Imperial College)

Rosalind Watts (Clinical Director at Synthesis)

Ben Sessa (Chief Medical Officer at AWAKN)

Brian D. Earp (Research Yale/Oxford)

Rachel Yehuda PhD (Mount Sinai, NYC, epigenetic trauma researcher)

Elias Dakwar (Columbia Univ. Psychiatry, Ketamine Specialist)  

Monnica Williams  

(Associate Professor at uOttawa, Clinical Director of Behavioral Wellness Clinic, racial trauma researcher)

...if you like to know about decriminalisation & legalisation, listen to:

Melissa Lavasani (Decriminalise DC movement) Graham Boyd (Dr. Bronners political director)

David Bronner (CEO of Dr.Bronners)

Finn Age Hänsel (Founder of Sanity Group)

…if you are up for insights in the minds of the new psychedelic entrepreneurs, listen to:

Christian Angermayer (Founder of ATAI Lifesciences)  Lars Christian Wilde (Compass Pathway)

Ronan Levy (Florian Brand (CEO of ATAI)

Martijn Schirp (Chief Visionary Officer at Synthesis) Amanda Eilian (able partners /Investor)

JR Rahn (Founder of Mind Med)

…if you want to know the struggles and importance of the pioneers, listen to these gems:

Amanda Feilding (Beckley Foundation)

Rick Doblin (Founder of MAPS)

Gisela Getty (Author, Psychedelic Advocate)

..if you’re here for the evangelists, thinkers, communicators and authors of psychedelic renaissance, listen to:

Bia Labate (Chacruna Foundation)

Michael Pollan (Bestselling Author)

Donick Cary (Director)

Zach Haigney (Founder of The Trip Report)

Elise Loehnen (GOOP Editor & GOOP Podcast Host) Ayelet Waldman (Author /TV Writer)

A Research Round-Up by Ewan Waddell.

In news relating to scientific understanding: The Psychedelic Science Review - a great online resource that delves into the nitty gritty of the research - just released an article that explores, in relatively simple terms, the theory of neuroplasticity.

What is neuroplasticity? It’s the theory that explains why psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is so groundbreakingly effective in treating mental health disorders such as depression. The well researched piece outlines our archaic failings to understand mental wellness and why the recent findings in the psychedelic space “could lead to more breakthroughs in research on mental health and beyond.”

In partnership news: Psychedelic companyHAVN Life Sciences recently partnered with veterans mental health non-profit, Westwood Institute.

What happens now? Well with the Westwood Institute’s depth of experience and knowledge regarding veteran mental health, and HAVN’s understanding of new mental health medicines, hopefully this partnership will produce results that can guide the Canadian cultural dialogue on psychedelics in a positive direction, continuing the momentum it’s been gaining recently.

In Parkinson’s research news: Silo Pharma recently announced plans for a study into the effects of psilocybin and LSD on Parkinson's disease.

What are the details? The study is to take place in the Netherlands in partnership with Maastricht University and will use repeated low doses of the psychedelics to gauge the understanding of their effects on cognitive and emotional dysfunctions in the disease. Good luck to them!

All for now. Talk next week!