The New Health Club #24 - Christian Angermayer: Being More Open for Others - That’s the Real Psychedelic Experience.


Hi everyone!

I hope you are doing ok in these rocky but interesting times. We are redeveloping the structure for The New Health Club as we speak - you’ll hear more news on this soon!

This week, we have a guest on the show who - as David Letterman would say - needs no introduction. You might say he’s already pretty famous in the psychedelic world.

Christian Angermayer is an entrepreneur, investor and a thriving force in the current psychedelic field. He is the founder of Apeiron Investment Group and the biotech company ATAI Life Sciences. ATAI’s focus is developing solutions to help the more than 300 million people globally who suffer from depression. Their research explores the use of psychedelic compounds to manage a broad range of mental health disorders alongside depression.

This is Christian’s second appearance on the show. It’s always more than interesting to chat with him about the news in the psychedelic world, but in this episode especially, we really dive into his personal journey towards psychedelics and how he became a driving force in this exciting new industry. And we also talk about racial trauma, and the new ways we’re beginning to understand it, along with the news ways we’re beginning to understand and redefine our notions of mental health on a broader scale.

This podcast is part of the “Heal Soul! Podcast Series” sponsored by Dr. Bronner’s, the activist soap company from California. Dr. Bronner’s is a family-owned company founded in 1948, that is dedicated to honoring the vision of its founder, Emanuel Bronner, by making personal care products of the highest quality and by dedicating redistributing to promote a better world for all. The Bronner family started making soap in 1858 here in Germany, and carries on the family soap making tradition today, by using the company as an engine for progressive social change.

I got to know Dr. Bronner’s when I lived in Los Angeles and when I went shopping at Trader Joes, I made sure to pick up some of the delicious peppermint soap that everyone seemed to be using. It was just such a California thing, which I loved, but there is more to it.  Dr. Bronner’s dedicates profits to organizations working in support of regenerative organic agriculture, animal rights, community projects, criminal justice reform, fair pay and fair trade, and drug policy reform – which includes the responsible and equitable integration of psychedelic medicine into American and Global culture.

And please check out the February 27 episode of The New Health Club to hear my interview with their CEO, and world-renowned psychedelic therapy activist, David Bronner, as we discuss how psychedelics might heal Holocaust trauma. There will be another episode with David this year!