🍄 The New Health Club #43 - Seriously…. Cannabis as a mental health drug? Let’s ask Finn Age Hänsel.


Today we are talking about cannabis. Yes that right, it’s not a substance we usually address here at the New Health Club. But here’s the thing: cannabis can also be a part of a mental health support system and I’m really pleased to have a cannabis expert here with us today.

Meet Finn Age Hänsel, co-founder of the Sanity Group (which also owns the CDB Brand VAAY)

I’m personally a big fan of their night CBD spray “Mind, Cosy, Back, Doze” and make it part of my ritual before I go to bed. 

But back to Finn’s very impressive tech career. He founded 5 companies, including THE ICONIC, Berliner Berg craft beer, and Sportsecondhand. He’s been an entrepreneur and CEO for 7 years and has a strong passion and knowledge of product, brand, technology and consumer goods. And he started to advocate for cannabis decriminalization at the age of 17 (to the conservative CDU party) which is even more impressive.

But now Finn is fully engaged in the idea of cannabis as a tool, to make life better and healthier. His company Sanity Group is developing innovative cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals and wellbeing products, with aims to make them widely accessible.

I talked to Finn and asked him why and how cannabis can be a mental health support system and why the winner of the US election are also new mental health drugs. We also talked about his early days as a cannabis supporter in a political system and why life as an entrepreneur is so much better and more fun, if you have a real mission. Like Finn.

Btw, our industries share some similarities, take a look here

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In decriminalization news: A California lawmaker - Sen. Scott Wiener - has announced his plans to introduce a decriminalization bill in the legislature next year. This bill would decriminalize the possession of magic mushrooms, LSD and more, using Oregon’s Measure 109 as a model.

But what about the rest of the world? Admittedly, much of the exciting decriminalization news right now is coming out of the US, but it is important to remember that the US is still a cultural leader. It’s only through the successful demonstration of relaxed drug laws in major, developed societies that the rest of the world has examples to follow - and hopefully soon we will.

In ketamine news: Our friends over at The Third Wave recently published an elegantly concise guide to the research of ketamine for depression. You can read the full thing here. It’s a great jumping off point to start learning about ketamine if you’re interested in the therapy but don’t know where to start.

In psilocybin therapy news: Psychedelic wellness companies Field Trip Health and Silo Wellness have both announced plans to launch psilocybin retreats in Oregon, in alignment with the new, psilocybin friendly drug laws of Measure 109.

What does this mean? This means that we’ll start seeing positive results of psilocybin-therapy outside of clinical trials, which will hopefully sway public support even further in the favour of psychedelic acceptance.

In cannabis news: A recent poll found that a record percentage of Americans are in favour of marijuana legalisation. Around seven-in-ten support legalised possession and use by adults - the highest percentage ever reported. In 1969, the same poll found only one-in-ten American supported legalisation, so we’ve come a long way.

But isn’t it already legal in the US? Yes and no. Whilst many states have decided to legalise cannabis over recent years, on a federal level it’s still illegal. However, as support has never been higher, there’s a chance this might change soon, which will likely pave the way for psychedelics soon after.

All for now - we’ll talk next week!