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🍄#77 Can we heal traumatized buildings? (... with psychedelics?)

🍄#77 Can we heal traumatized buildings? (... with psychedelics?)

Calling all architects! (And people, who live in old buildings ;-) 

Today we have a little bit of a special topic. Can buildings be traumatized in the same way as human brains? Well, it is a conversation I had many times with the architects aka room therapists Ester Bruzkus and Peter Greenberg, my guests on the show today. 

But first, a few updates, since so much has happened last week. 

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The Microdose Conference in Miami was...incredible.

It was pretty much the first time a big part of the industry met in person, after two long years. 

The panel on healing Veterans with MDMA-assisted therapy was such a highlight and I was thrilled to be on the panel with Rachel Yehuda and Amber & Marcus Capone.

Aaaand, don’t forget Horizons in New York City! One of the best conferences in the psychedelic world. Horizons is happening soon and I will be there. Hope to see you! 

But now back to the podcast and the question…

Can we heal traumatized buildings? 

My guests today are the two architects Ester Bruzkus and Peter Greenberg and you might wonder: what will we talk about in a podcast like this one, if not about psychoactive compounds and psychedelics? And where does architecture come in?

Founded in 2002 in Berlin, Ester Bruzkus Architekten is an internationally established architecture and interior design practice with global ties but based in Berlin. They are well known for extensive experience with design at many scales: from the design of tables and furniture to exquisite residences and workspaces to international theatres, restaurants, and hotels. Ester was named as one of Architectural Digest’s “Top 200 Influencers in the Design World,” Growing up in Berlin, she studied architecture at Berlin’s Technical University and later at the School of Architecture in Belleville, Paris. 

Before founding her own Berlin office in 2002.

Peter received his Master of Architecture from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and graduated cum laude with Distinction in Architecture from Yale University where he also studied philosophy and the history of art. He is a licensed architect in the United States in Massachusetts and New York and is a certified Interior Designer. Since Peter has become Partner, the firm has won several international design competitions, has won many design awards, and has completed several significant projects, including the restaurants Remi and Villa Kellermann Tim Raue, and projects for Relaxound, Volkswagen’s Autostadt, and the PSD Bank.

As you can see, here are two pros to talk about trauma, but this time not in brains, but in buildings and houses. The question is though, can buildings be as traumatized from severe historic incidents, as much as brains? And could this have an effect on people living in these buildings? 

Of course, the follow-up question I am asking myself would be: could the trauma and the aura of a building be transformed, if these buildings might host psychedelic treatments and can we help buildings to heal? And redefine them? But let’s ask Ester and Peter, the experts on room karma and real building therapists. 

Talk soon! 


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